Do you own a construction company or a remodeling business? Do you manage a team of independent contractors?

We have worked with many such businesses in Colorado for over a decade and have gained much knowledge and expertise in this industry. We understand the necessary paperwork and processes that are key to running your business successfully. We also understand that you are away from a computer for most of your day but still need to trust that someone is managing the logistics.

We can be your virtual office manager.


Some of the services that we have found beneficial to our clients regarding subcontractor compliance include:

  • Collect and store subcontractor compliance documentation:
    • Insurance Certificates
    • W-9s
    • Subcontractor Contracts
    • Independent Contractor Forms
  • Create Construction Draws
  • Create project schedules
  • Handle Insurance Audits
  • Manage Payables and Receivables
  • Issue 1099s


We have experience with web based software management programs such as BuildTools and BuilderTrend and can be easily added as an admin to your organization in order to help run these systems with you.

Let our team track down pesky paperwork so that you have time to focus on your business and your clients.