Bookkeeping and Beyond

Do you own a small business and have trouble keeping up with payables, receivables, insurance compliance, or administrative deadlines?

Incline Business Essentials provides customized office management services.  We can help you with the day-to-day operations necessary to keep your business running.

We see ourselves as part of your team and approach your business operations with a mindset of a partner. We will problem solve, help you prioritize operations, and even advise in best practices. We specialize in systems optimization, creating the most efficient and effective strategy to save you time and maximize your profits.

We have worked with small business owners from all sectors and industries and appreciate their great feedback and strong reviews:

I tried a number of bookkeepers before I came across Anna and just wasn’t sure I’d ever find someone that could move at my pace or that I’d feel secure enough about to resist “redoing” or micromanaging the work I was actually contracting out.  I hate doing the books for both my businesses! It’s absolutely essential that I concentrate on generating business, not tracking it, so I knew I had to give it another go in my search. 

Much to my amazement…and my deepest appreciation, Anna not only was able to quickly get up and running with my existing system, but she actually has been making improvements to that system!  She’s got such a perspective of varying business models that she can contribute in a real and meaningful way not just to my accounting needs but actually to my overall operations. And to even add to that…she comes to the table with a warmth of personality and sincerity plus a natural curiosity about my business, that I feel like I have a true partner.  It’s really just lovely!

Kim Kouba, Realtor at Perry & Co.